Episodes (13)

1902: Valley for Sale
S01E01 · 1902: Valley for Sale

Sep 24, 1978

Paul Craddock answers an advertisement and arrives in Devon, not realising he has made the most momentous journey of his life.

1902: The Party
S01E02 · 1902: The Party

Oct 01, 1978

Paul has achieved his aim: Shallowford House is his. Now he must learn his job of being Squire. John Rudd is a help and so, in different ways, are Claire Derwent and Grace Lovell.

1903: An Outbreak of Romance
S01E03 · 1903: An Outbreak of Romance

Oct 08, 1978

Paul has married Grace Lovell. Will Codsall also has marriage on his mind, but with a mother like Arabella, he needs a lot of help.

1905: A Birth and a Death
S01E04 · 1905: A Birth and a Death

Oct 15, 1978

When Grace returns from London, there is a tragedy in the Valley and Paul has a most difficult decision to make.

1905: The Storm
S01E05 · 1905: The Storm

Oct 22, 1978

The relationship between Grace and Paul grows worse, particularly when Paul suggests Claire Derwent becomes nanny to their child. When Paul is called out to a shipwreck, Grace seizes the opportunity to resolve the situation.

1905: The Hollow Victory
S01E06 · 1905: The Hollow Victory

Oct 29, 1978

With Grace gone, Claire becomes indispensable to Paul and when Smut Potter plays a dangerous game, Claire is there to help. Paul gets more involved in Liberalism. Lloyd George speaks in the Valley.

1914: The Last Hot Summer
S01E07 · 1914: The Last Hot Summer

Nov 05, 1978

Nine years have passed and Paul and Claire have been married for seven. John Rudd surprises everyone, particularly Maureen O'Keefe , and the Potter twins meet a strong man who surprises them more.

1914: Call to Arms
S01E08 · 1914: Call to Arms

Nov 12, 1978

The Great War hits the Valley. Will Codsall is the first man to be called up. The war fever spreads quickly, taking everyone in its wake, even John Rudd.

1915: Death of a Hero
S01E09 · 1915: Death of a Hero

Nov 19, 1978

Who is sending white feathers? And who is putting flowers on Germans' graves? Will Codsall, back on leave, causes a lot of anxiety, and Claire and Rose both have emotional decisions to make.

1916: The Profiteers
S01E10 · 1916: The Profiteers

Nov 26, 1978

The Valley has its first conscientious objector and most of the locals do not take it kindly. Sydney Codsall, now a solicitor, visits Paul and tries to involve him in a doubtful deal, which forces Paul to take a vital step.

1917: The Bad Season
S01E11 · 1917: The Bad Season

Dec 03, 1978

Paul has joined up. Shallowford is now a convalescent home and very crowded. John Rudd suggests that Claire should move out. Elinor Codsall has a German POW to help at Periwinkle, a decision which she has reason to regret.

1918: The Service
S01E12 · 1918: The Service

Dec 10, 1978

Who is setting fire to the haystacks? When Claire finds out she is faced with an impossible decision. The Potter twins have two new admirers, and Paul has leave and is surprised not to be spending it at home.

1919: The Old and the New
S01E13 · 1919: The Old and the New

Dec 17, 1978

With Paul missing and the army having vacated Shallowford, Codsall sets out to buy the valley.


A Horseman Riding By Season 1 (1978) is released on Sep 24, 1978. Watch A Horseman Riding By online - the English Drama TV series from United Kingdom. A Horseman Riding By is directed by Philip Dudley,Paul Ciappessoni,Alan Grint and created by Alexander Baron with Nigel Havers and Glyn Houston.

As know as:

A Horseman Riding By, Een ruiter reed voorbij(informal literal title), Tamte lata, tamta dolina, La vall de Shallowford(Catalan), La vall de Shallowford


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Cast & Crew

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