Svetlana Ustinova

Svetlana Ustinova

actress, writer, producer

Svetlana Ustinova was born on May 01, 1982 in USSR [now Russia]. Svetlana Ustinova's big-screen debut came with Bumer: Film vtoroy directed by Pyotr Buslov in 2006.

Actress Svetlana Ustinova was born on May 1, 1982 in Severodvinsk, on the shores of the White Sea. The Ustinov family had nothing to do with cinema or theater. Since the mid-1990s, Svetlana's father, Vladimir, was a businessman, and her mother, Tatiana, worked all her life at the "Polar Star" factory.From childhood, Sveta was an active and cheerful child. After the seventh grade, her parents transferred their daughter from a simple school to a humanities high school with extensive study of foreign languages. Here she had to devote a lot of time to her studies. She was well received by the children at the new school, and Svetlana immediately made friends. They were all determined to enter the prestigious universities of the country.In addition to her studies, Sveta participated in local KVN team competitions and also performed in youth theater club performances. She dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, but unfortunately there was no ballet training in Severodvinsk. She planned to train at a financial university and was seriously preparing for it. After finishing the eleventh grade, Ustinova went to the capital to enter the Academy of Finance.In her early years as a student, she realized that studying science was not for her: her soul was calling for creativity. Svetlana devoted several years of her studies to modeling. With a height of 170 cm, a chiseled figure and long legs, she succeeded easily. The future star starred in several fashion projects, and music lovers may remember her for her work in the music videos for "Dynamite" and "Legal Business".After graduating from the Institute of Cinematography in 2008, Svetlana had participated several times in theatrical productions of the Center for Dramaturgy and Directing. A striking work was the role in Olga Subbotina's play Conspiracy of the Senses.The Moscow CDR Theater is known for its work only with contemporary theater. It has produced a plead of unique directors, among whom Kirill Serebrennikov, Olga Subbotina, Vladimir Ageyev or Mikhail Ugarov. In 2017 a new entry appeared in the actress's work history: the performer was invited to join the company of the Anton Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. She made her debut on the stage of the renowned theater in the main role of Malva.The year 2020 brought Svetlana many historic premieres. On the theatrical stage, the actress reincarnated the character of Masha in Chekhov's The Seagull. The production was directed by Oskaras Korsunovas. Interestingly, the costume designers based their visual representations of the characters on each actor's internal sense of style. Thus, the appearance of Ustinova's character was taken from the performer's Instagram account.In her last year at the finance school, Svetlana met the director Pyotr Buslov , who was casting actors for the film Bumer: Film vtoroy (2006) . Svetlana passed the competitive selection, which was attended by actresses from several countries - Russia, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic.There was a pleasant atmosphere on the set. The talented actors Vladimir Vdovichenkov , Andrey Merzlikin or Aleksandr Golubev , with whom she was lucky enough to work, were an example of attitude for Svetlana in the process of shooting. Full of enthusiasm, she was willing to work all day long, feeling neither the heat nor the cold.In 2005, failing to graduate from the Financial Institute, Sveta enrolled in the VGIK course directed by Vladimir Grammatikov. Parallel to her studies, the young actress managed to devote her time to filming. Svetlana's first job after entering high school was an episodic role in the TV series "The Law of the Mousetrap". And one of the memorable works of this period of Ustinova's career can be considered her role Pavlinka in a multi-part series "Smersh ".In 2017, Ustinova attended the Kinotavr Contest for the first time as a contestant. The film Blokbaster (2017) , which the actress starred in together with her friend Anna Chipovskaya , was included in the program of the Contest. At the end of the film festival, the film received a special jury award with the words "For the new level reached by genre cinema".The performer also participated in Felix Mikhailov's artistic and media project "Literature Lessons", in which theater and film actors read poetry to the audience with classical music performed by an orchestra. Katerina Shpitsa , Agniya Kuznetsova and Egor Koreshkov participated in the project together with her.Another work is the fantasy-drama Dominika (2018) , in which Svetlana appeared in an acting duet with Andrey Chadov .Later came to theaters, the film Kupi menya (2018) , in which Ustinova got one of the leading roles. This is the story of three friends who are willing to do anything to be happy. Galya dreams of a car, for her, this inanimate object is a symbol of her happy future. It does not put a little soul into the relationship in her opinion, her body is enough. The film is full of oligarchs, Porsches, sex, love and dreams of a beautiful life. Together with Svetlana, Anna Adamovich and Yuliya Khlynina starred in the film.Shortly thereafter, the premiere of the series Prezumptsiya nevinovnosti (2021-2021) took place, where Ustinova got the lead role. The cast of the film is really stellar,In 2020, the Russian horror film Yaga. Koshmar tyomnogo lesa (2020) , in which Ustinova was reincarnated in the sinister character. This is not the first project of this genre in the filmography of the artist: in 2016 she already appeared in the horror film Marshrut postroen (2016) .Ustinova is not afraid to challenge herself both in creativity and in real life. An important step for her was a change of hairstyle. A short haircut marked a new period of professional activity of the artist: in 2021 she started working on a feature film "The time of the year - winter" as a director. The film was produced by Hype Film. This is not the first independent work of the director: earlier she presented to critics and the public a short film "Marusya".The personal life of the actress developed ambiguously. At the age of 27, Svetlana married the Ukrainian director Mark Gorobets . They met at the joint Russian-Ukrainian shooting of the film Veskoe osnovanie dlya ubiystva (2009) . For the sake of his beloved, Mark changed his place of residence and moved to Moscow.In 2011, the Gorobets mystery series Zakrytaya shkola (2011-2012) was broadcast on the STS channel. But after a while, something went wrong in the family life and soon the couple separated. In the couple's entourage it is rumored that the young couple was terribly jealous of each other and constantly quarreled because of this. Most likely this is the reason for the divorce.In 2013, Svetlana was spotted at social events in the company of Ilya Stewart , filmmaker, producer and founder of Hype Production. Ilya is 5 years younger than Svetlana. The young couple did not announce their relationship for a long time, but in 2015, the couple made their engagement official.Svetlana and Ilya are passionate not only about each other, but also about a common cause. According to the actress, her husband constantly inspires her to creative experiments. Thus, in 2015, the film Kholodnyy front (2016) was created, which Ustinova starred in, as well as co-wrote the script and produced it.The wedding took place on June 24, 2017, and the celebration was held in one of the pavilions of Mosfilm, and the ceremony itself was in the style of a Hollywood movie. The party was attended by important faces of Moscow high society.

  • Birthday

    May 01, 1982
  • Place of Birth

    Severodvinsk, Arkhangelskaya oblast, RSFSR, USSR [now Russia]
  • Also known

    Светлана Устинова, Sveta Ustinova

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