Mark Arm

Mark Arm

actor, composer, soundtrack

Mark Arm was born on Feb 21, 1962 in California. Mark Arm's big-screen debut came with Velvet Goldmine directed by Todd Haynes in 1998.

Mark Arm was born on February 21, 1962. He started playing in and fronting bands as a teenager. Mr. Epp and the Calculations was one of his first. He played in this band with Steve Turner, who later played with him in Green River, perhaps the first "grunge" band. Arm played in this band with future members of Pearl Jam and Mother Love Bone. After a disagreement about the direction of the band, they split up and Arm and Turner went on to form Mudhoney in 1988 with Dan Peters and Matt Lukin. Mudhoney is one of the first and most important Seattle grunge bands, and yet has never broke into the mainstream. They have appeared on many soundtracks however, including PCU and Singles. Mudhoney have had many influential followers such as Kurt Cobain and Pearl Jam. As of 2006, Mudhoney continues to play live shows and release new songs. Three of the original four members remain in the band.

  • Birthday

    Feb 21, 1962
  • Place of Birth

    Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

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