Manan Desai

Manan Desai

director, actor, additional crew

Manan Desai was born on Oct 19, 1987 in Mumbai. Manan Desai's big-screen debut came with Bey Yaar directed by Abhishek Jain in 2014, strarring Gujarati film set- assistant director. Manan Desai is known for Ventilator directed by Umang Vyas, Jackie Shroff stars as Jaggu and Utkarsh Mazumdar as Ambalal. The upcoming new movie Manan Desai plays is Made in China which will be released on Oct 25, 2019.

He started The Comedy Factory back in August 2011 because his wife married him for his sense of humour and was sure that he would be unemployed and broke if he did anything else. Behind a successful man, there is a greedy vicious woman and that was his wife, who pushed him into the world of Comedy because she thought he had an extra funny bone. He worked as a Radio Jockey for 7 long years in leading Radio Stations of Gujarat. But he always wondered why there was nothing to consume in Live entertainment in Gujarat, so he had an idea of producing live comedy shows as well. He acts. He produces. He performs. Mostly for his wife. As a performer, he loves to weave content that talks about the cultural nuances of India. He strongly believes that every aspect of our diverse culture has a lot of comedy to offer. He's trying to do his best for people not to get bored in the dry state of Gujarat, with strong presence in the Comedy Scene and Digital Content.

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    Oct 19, 1987
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