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Joel Palmer


Joel Palmer was born on Mar 06, 1986 in Canada. Joel Palmer's big-screen debut came with Final Appeal directed by Eric Till in 1993, strarring Tommy. Joel Palmer is known for Bang Bang You're Dead directed by Guy Ferland, Tom Cavanagh stars as Val Duncan and Ben Foster as Trevor Adams. The upcoming new movie Joel Palmer plays is Dreamcatcher which will be released on Mar 21, 2003.

Joel Palmer began his career at the tender age of three with an appearance as Lyle the Shoeshine Boy in "Hello Dolly". Soon after, he landed two national television commercials for Mattel Toys and followed by advertisements for Woodward's and Scott Paper. Joel appeared in "Knight Moves", his first feature film, after being in show business for less than one year. Next came a principal role in a film festival production, "Swindled". His first big role came in "Morning Glory" in which he appears with Christopher Reeve and Deborah Raffin as his mother. Joel's growing list of credits includes "Liar, liar", "Change of Heart", "The Man Upstairs", and "A Child Too Many". He has appeared in episodes of "Street Justice", "The Hat Squad", "Madison" and "Outer Limits"; he has co-starred in "The X-Files" and "The Commish" (both twice), the TV series "Poltergeist: The Legacy", and "Lonesome Dove". He has co-hosted a children's 5-day-TV-special, "Hopscotch", and guest-starred on "Sesame Street". Joel co-starred in "Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog", a feature film for 20th Century Fox, directed by the late Phillip Borsos. "Yellow Dog" stars Jesse Bradford as Joel's brother, Bruce Davison as his father, and Mimi Rogers as his mother. Joel also starred in the ABC made-for-TV movies "Someone Else's Child" (Lisa Hartman Black), "Freefall" (William Devane) and "Seduction in a Small Town" (Melissa Gilbert). Last year Joel made an exciting move in his career by signing on with one of L.A.'s best known child managers, Lynda Goodfriend. (His Vancouver agent is Tyman Stewart from The Characters Talent Agency). He lives with his parents, one sister, one brother, three dogs and a cat in The Fraser Valley, just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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    Mar 06, 1986
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    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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