Dotan Baer

Dotan Baer

producer, actor, director

Dotan Baer was born on Dec 10, 1971 in Israel. Dotan Baer's big-screen debut came with Smokin' Stogies directed by Vincent Di Rosa in 2001, strarring Pizza Boy. Dotan Baer is known for Star Wars: The Old Republic directed by James Ohlen, Tom Spackman stars as Bounty Hunter Male and Grey Griffin as Bounty Hunter Female. The upcoming new tvshow Dotan Baer plays is Vet Talks - Season 2 which will be released on Sep 28, 2019.

Dotan Baer, born in Jerusalem, Israel; Dotan Ya'akov Ben Moshe Ze'ev to Moshe and Ruth Ze'ev, has brought his military and intellectual genius to Hollywood. After graduating a Golden Key National Honor Society Member, receiving a bachelor's degree in finance at Florida Atlantic Univeristy, Boca Raton, Florida where he was chosen as Cosmo's Bachelor of the Year, worked an Aaron Spelling commercial as a Marine, landed role to work with Oliver Stone as the mascot for Any Given Sunday, along with his first comedy role in Smoking Stogies all in one year - came to Los Angeles to try his hand in Hollywood.Using the training that received in the US Army 1st of the 75th Airborne Ranger, he focused his attention where it is most beneficial; working alongside a troupe of trained military experts and industry professionals, where selected by Tactical Media to help a band of cadre provide Military and Tactical Film Services. The company provides technical advise to ensure a tactically flawless production. Countless films and television shows have benefited from the knowledge and work his team of connections and networks bring to set.His representation, Associated Artists, managed by Anthony Santos and Evan Owen, has now become a legitimate in house production entity within the entertainment industry.Most recently Dotan accepted appointment as Minority Leader of the Small Business Advisory Council, for the state of California, his second year since being appointed Honorary Chairman for the Republican National Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council.His film acting resume includes bit roles in feature films such as "Lifted", The Day the Earth Stood Still", "Depth Charge", "Warwolves", "Lions for Lambs", "Stop Loss", "Any Given Sunday", "Smokin' Stogies", co-starring roles in films including "American Son", "The Bank Job", "Ill Be There With You", "My Happiness", "It's a Wonderful Death", and "America's Funniest Dirty Jokes".Not only has Dotan graced the big screen, he has also been seen on television working alongside veterans and stars on the hit shows; The Nine, Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, The Unit, 24, Numb3rs. His most recent LA theater production was "Dogs of Summer" a remake of Quentin Tarantino's film "Reservoir Dogs" and has also been in The Philadelphia Story, The Night of January 16th,My Three Angels, The Love Connection, and Death Is In AIDS.

  • Birthday

    Dec 10, 1971
  • Place of Birth

    Jerusalem, Israel

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