Daisy Hilton

Daisy Hilton


Daisy Hilton was born on Feb 05, 1908 in UK. Daisy Hilton's big-screen debut came with Freaks directed by Tod Browning in 1932. Daisy Hilton is known for Freaks directed by Tod Browning, Wallace Ford stars as Phroso and Leila Hyams as Venus. The upcoming new movie Daisy Hilton plays is Chained for Life which will be released on Jan 01, 1952.

Born to a barmaid, Daisy and her conjoined twin sister Violet Hilton were raised by the midwife who delivered them. This woman, Mary Hilton, saw her meal ticket in the curly-haired babies and trained them to perform. The girls were ill-treated and kept in a state of poverty until they arranged a private meeting with a lawyer at the age of 23. They then became their own managers and remained popular vaudeville performers until live shows were replaced by motion pictures. After performing in Freaks (1932) and Chained for Life (1952). Daisy and Violet fell into poverty and obscurity. They were found dead in their apartment when their employer, a grocer, reported that they hadn't shown up for work. They left no known survivors.

  • Birthday

    Feb 05, 1908
  • Place of Birth

    Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK

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