Antero Alli

Antero Alli

director, writer, cinematographer

Antero Alli was born on Nov 11, 1952 in Finland. Antero Alli's big-screen debut came with Roadkill directed by Antero Alli in 2001. Antero Alli is known for Under a Shipwrecked Moon directed by Antero Alli, Sylvi Alli stars as Sisu and Lea Bender as Madeline. The upcoming new movie Antero Alli plays is The Alchemy of Sulphur which will be released on Nov 07, 2021.

Antero Alli was born in Finland on November 11, 1952 to Finnish parents who separated when he was three years old. His mother migrated to Toronto Canada where he enjoyed an idyllic childhood before migrating westward to Los Angeles at the age of 11. After graduating high school at 17 he left for San Francisco Bay area where he lived on and off for thirty years. He is an underground filmmaker whose deep background in creating experimental theatre (since 1972) imprints his films with their surrealistic and theatrical sensibility. Since 1993, his features have garnered critical praise for their "searing social insights and depth of imagination." His films screen mostly on the USA west coast and are available for free viewing on Vimeo and YouTube. He resides in Portland Oregon with his wife, singer/composer Sylvi Alli. Antero is also a book author with seven titles in print and an astrologer.

  • Birthday

    Nov 11, 1952
  • Place of Birth

    Helsinki, Finland

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