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Kajol is a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She falls in love with Suraj, a poor boy and a college classmate. But as always, the lovers' path never runs smoothly because Kajol's father wants her to marry his business partner's son, Sunil. He happens to be a rich spoiled brat, while Suraj is kind hearted and ready to help anyone. When Sunil gets wind of Kajol and Suraj's romance, he decides to remove him from his path and succeeds - he gets Suraj arrested for a murder which took place on college grounds. Kajol's efforts to extricate Suraj from the murder charge, proves futile. She approaches Shiv Shankar, a retired blind advocate for help but he turns her down due to his own unfulfilled life history. Shiv Shankar was their last hope and so Suraj concludes that he will definitely be hanged. Not one to give up that easily, Kajol and the entire college gather in court for the final verdict. Will Shiv Shankar see a change of heart and come to Kajol and Suraj's aid? This emotional drama reveals all in an interesting climax.

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Dec 31, 2022





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Raam Raj Kalamandir's
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