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Long ago in the valley, the hero Ser George fought the dragon for the hand of the princess, but the dragon wasn't dead, and returned a year later to take his revenge upon the new king, his queen and their newborn child. Fifteen years have passed, and a young shepherd dreams of a bigger life than living in a burned out shack with his uncle Roger, their little flock of sheep and his goat, Bill. Young George shares his name with the famous Dragon Slayer, but little else. Young George sees dragons in his dreams, and finds evidence of their existence everywhere, but the people of his village are tired of his false alarms. Stop trying to impress people and just be yourself, Roger tells him, but George won't listen. Then George starts to change. A lot. You're becoming a man, Roger tells him, but the boy isn't so sure. He's delighted, however, to find that his new abilities make him more popular and respected in town. Finally, George is becoming the hero he always knew he was inside, though it comes with a terrible, secret cost. A dragon is sighted in the valley, and the terrified townspeople turn to Young George, their hero, to assume the mantle of his namesake and deliver them from this new threat, but when he discovers the true source of his powers, George must choose: Will he become the hero he always wanted to be, or have the courage to reveal who he really is inside?

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Jan 01, 2017





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New Machine Studios

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