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Allison and Carlos used to say YES to everything in life, also when they met and later got married. But then they moved to suburbia and had 3 kids and their lives became a long line of NO. Their oldest daughter, Katie, 14, gets NO from mom to going to a concert with friends. Carlos also says NO to employees at work at Icarus Technologies. Allison is trying to return to the labor market but gets no at job interviews. At Katie's school, Allison and Carlos are shown Katie's project on video. The video compares "Mommy Dearest" to Stalin and Mussolini. Later, the guidance counselor etc. gives advice on why he's so relaxed despite having 6 kids. He gives them a YES day where he and his wife, with a few ground rules, say YES to everything. Mom agrees to a 24 hour YES/fun day after seeing an over 15 year old photo of her skydiving. Will it be apocalyptic, as Allison first feared, or a wild and fun adventure for the five?

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Release Date:

Mar 12, 2021


United States


English, Spanish

Production Companies:

Entertainment 360, Grey Matters Productions

Official Site:

Official Netflix Site
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