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Opens with a monologue by the cameraman explaining the situation: The residents of Sunland are all members of the cult "Sunfuckers," and they believe that they are in Heaven. Additionally, 4000 missing persons reports have been filed in Sunland in the last decade, and only one has been solved. The cameraman and the main on-screen interviewer head over to a house where the main subject, a Sunland resident, is introduced. The resident gives a tour of their backyard, and then goes for an interview. In the interviews, the resident explains some of the Sunland lore, such as being trained in sword fighting since he could speak in poems and his thoughts on Juaves. Between the interviews are shots of the resident and the primary on-screen interviewer walking and talking. Also laced between the interviews are tours by the Sunland resident of a little lake, and the spot where the sacred ritual takes place. The movie has an ambiguous and heartfelt ending, with a deeply powerful monologue by the resident and the two main characters on a swing.

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Release Date:

Dec 31, 2020


United States



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Juaves Productions

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