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This documentary takes on a humanistic perspective to the pressing topic of our era: the rapid development of technology and the transformation that follows. The film approaches artificial intelligence and technology with sheer curiosity and wonderment, giving the voice to the researchers who are working on the field. Displaying the visions of the experts and the encounters between people and robots, the film captures a glimpse of our near future. The film introduces us to a cyborg, a developer for artificial intelligence of sex robots, an android developer, a coder who transforms thoughts into images, and robots of various kinds. The discussion of the ethical considerations is led by university researcher Dr. Michael Laakasuo. In the film also meet also Dr. Joanna Bryson, Cyborg Neil Harbisson, Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro, Entrepreneurs Jowan Österlund and Taneli Tikka, Dr. Sergi Santos, Dr. Kohei Ogawa, Dr. Yukiyasu Kamitani.

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Release Date:

Nov 04, 2019




English, Finnish

Production Companies:

Guerilla Films Oy
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