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In 2002, Laura is a doctor who lives in Buenos Aires with Fredo, her stepfather, after the recent death of her mother. After receiving a call from her uncle, both travel to the Basque Country (north of Spain) after the unexpected discovery of a corpse who is revealed to be Félix, long-time missing Laura's father, whom it was believed that in 1969 he left Spain, his wife and daughter after retiring all the family's money of the bank. The cause of death is a gunshot in the neck. Laura and Fredo meet Egoskue, a life insurance agent who gives Laura the money by an old account opened by Félix two weeks before his murder. After failing to convince the Ertzaina (Basque Country's local police) to re-open the cold case, Laura decides investigate by herself, with the help of Fredo and Egoskue. She not only realizes the hard times Spain went through due to the terrorist group ETA and its war against Franquist Regime and the Civil Guard, but also learns about the possible involvement of her family in those crimes, turning the case into a personal struggle to discover the truth about Félix and herself.

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Feb 16, 2018


Spain, Argentina



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Centuria Films S.L., CEPA Audiovisual, Cuando dejes de Quererme

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