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The movie itself is based on a '70s game show that "should have been canceled years ago, but for some reasons hasn't. That's the first part," says Brothers, with a foreshadowing tone. "Then, it gets into fantasy with a dark synopsis." Brothers dramatizes the greed, anxiety, frustrations and excitement that contestants on game shows actually feel, which often leads to peculiar behaviors. "The film builds and builds, and at one point, there is a giant battle and sort of turns into Moby Dick." Basically, there is a conflict between the show, the host and the people. "I see the antagonist as a corporate shill," says Brothers, who has become a self-proclaimed "sucker for advertising" and deconstructing the industry's creepy and insidious tendencies. What first began as an interest in color and lights eventually grew into a fascination with total meltdowns in front of millions of Americans, surrounded by Vegas-style lights and sounds, topped off with a projection of Hamburger Helper. "It was so absurd and surreal, I had to play with the notion," says Brothers. "No one gets that excited about Hamburger Helper."

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Release Date:

Oct 26, 2019


United States



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David Brothers
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