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In the 1940s Virginia Hill works her way to the very highest echelons of the American Mafia with sex appeal, sass and resolve. After the murder of her husband, Bugsy Siegel, she is sent to convalesce to Sun Valley where she meets her future partner and former world skiing champion, Hans Hauser. They marry and even have a child together. However, Virginia's Mafia-past keeps catching up with her. The American tax authorities force the family to flee to Salzburg, where they settle down to a rural life in constant fear of being found. Virginia's extravagant lifestyle is completely incompatible with the rustic farm life atmosphere and so she attempts to get the Mafia to finance her expensive escapades. This finally sealed the whole family's fate and Virginia, Hans and their son all die under mysterious circumstances.

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Release Date:

Sep 06, 2020





Production Companies:

2010 Entertainment, ServusTV
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