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Six stories that are a satire on society. The anthology falls in the comedy entertainer genre and includes Saju Navodaya's debut directorial and Immanuel scriptwriter AC Vijeesh's film. Major Ravi, Jibu Jacob, Jude Anthany Joseph, Jismon, Noby, Mareena Michael, Sasi Kalinga and several other actors are part of the film, which is produced by Amarendran Baiju under the banner of MCC Cinema Company It feels like that old psychological trick. Lower expectations by suggesting that something is the pits and then, people will feel that, 'hey, actually it is not bad in the least'. That conceit doesn't quite work with Vattamesha Sammelanam, an anthology of six shorts, surprisingly featuring some big names like filmmakers Jibu Jacob, Jude Anthany Joseph and Major Ravi, who makes a jibe on himself. While the slogan boldly suggests it is 'The Flop Film', the film ends (and don't worry about the spoiler alert) saying that actually it is a hit and much enjoyed by audiences. The late American comedian Andy Kaufman is considered by many as a misunderstood genius. He stretched the limits to breaking points with his sketches and totally bonkers alter-egos. Atley's Vattamesha Sammelanam takes the audience, especially his loyal fans, for granted. Honestly, it felt like an elaborate set up for a joke. And it begs the question of what they were smoking while making this one. It can be debated that this was an attempt at being hyper-meta but failing to entertain is a cardinal sin as far as film making is concerned. And I must say that Atley has certainly tarnished the goodwill he had earned over the years. It will take considerable effort from his part to rectify this seemingly deliberate attempt to make fools out of the audience.

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Oct 25, 2019





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MCC Cinema Company

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