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Based on Bernard Hare's Orwell-nominated memoir Urban and The Shed Crew. 11-year-old Urban's been running away from care since he was 5 (6 care homes and 8 foster homes in 6 years); he's Britain's most runaway child...When he can't find his mum, he sleeps rough on the streets, or in a shed with other runaways, The Shed Crew'. He's never known a dad, just his mentally-ill addict mum Greta. So when she meets Chop, the first decent bloke they've ever known, Urban feels hope for the first time. For Chop, the once idealistic ex-social worker, it's a chance of redemption. He takes in the broken family, helps Greta, teaches Urban and his brother Frank lessons in life. But the family's new-found happiness is all too fleeting as Greta's propensity to self-destruct proves too strong...leaving Urban to cope with the fallout the only way he knows.

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Release Date:

Apr 02, 2018


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Blenheim Films, Circadian Pictures
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