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The action of the film took place in exotic Sri Lanka, an island where immense wealth coexists with hopeless poverty. In the center of the plot is the story of Andrew, a businessman from Donbas, Ukraine, who trades in illegal mining of precious gemstones. Once again, going to the river, where in difficult and dangerous conditions the Sri Lankans are "washing" stones, Andrew takes his son, Phillip, with him. The imperious and cynical Andrew seeks to raise his son in his own image, but the young boy is alien to his father's ideas about the world. After the terrible picture on the river, right in front of little Phillip, a conflict arises between Andrew and the Sri Lankan worker, as a result of which the worker is fired. The loss of a job for a poor and unambitious Sri Lankan is a great tragedy, because he is the head of a large family. In the evening, the skilled manipulator father came to Asiri's house to fire him. He uses this situation to make Phillip become even a little like him. But will Phillip learn the lesson as his father wants? After all, children are pure, innocent, uncut souls.

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Release Date:

Sep 02, 2021


Ukraine, Sri Lanka


Russian, Sinhala

Production Companies:

Wow Oscar Studio
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