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Uljhan: The Topper Blue (Hindi Feature Film) exposes the lacuna of our higher education system. The system is so bugged with political intrusion that it spoils the future of the potential students. In this movie, we see an illicit relationship between a teacher and a girl student which makes the things worsened. Nirman is earning M. Phil (Hindi) in Vishav Guru University and she has the record of being topper for the last two years. And this 3rd year also, she has the killing ambition of being topper by hook or by crook. She owns a gangster type boyfriend Surinder Singh and also she uses her political contacts to remain topper. From the clerk to the every professor of the department try to get her to be topper except associate professor Dr. Santosh Batra. Dr. Santosh is an honest and against injustice to any deserving student. When Dr. Santosh Batra notices that the dissertation which Nirman has submitted to the faculty is copyrighted (the ditto copy of the previously submitted thesis), he decides to award her poor marks despite the pressure from several quarters. He awards more marks to Sarla, another girl who actually deserves but the chairman and his sycophants want Nirman to be topper. Chairman Dr. Alok tries to convince Dr. Santosh with several reasons but trivial reasons don't impress Dr. Santosh. Charged chairman tries to threaten Dr. Santosh Batra through a gangster (Surinder). Surinder is actually a boyfriend of Nirman but he pretends to be her cousin. Surinder had a dark past. He is an alleged rapist. He shows pistol to Dr. Santosh to threaten him but Dr. Santosh gives him a challenge. Then Nirman, with the help of Surinder and another goon Raju makes a plan to trap Dr. Santosh. According to the plan, Raju is assigned to shoot the video when Nirman seduces Dr. Santosh in his room. Obviously such plan is the brainchild of Chairman but this plan flops. As Nirman try to execute her plan, Dr. Santosh gets alert and puts a slap on her mouth and summons the peon to hand over the girl to chairman. Chairman takes it his insult. They exchanged heated arguments. Next day, Surinder Singh attacked on Dr. Santosh. Although Nirman seeks apology from chairman but the situation goes out of control. Nirman tells chairman that it was solely Surinder's decision to attack on Dr. Santosh. Chairman scared. He talks to education minister and apprises him of the entire situation. An FIR is registered against Nirman and Surinder. Education Minister writes to the HRD Ministry regarding the transfer of Dr. Alok. Meanwhile, result is announced. Sarla tops the university. She sends a copy of result to Dr. Santosh on his WhatsApp in hospital. She thanks him for his guts and stands against the wrongdoing of others. Honorable court awarded Surinder Singh 10 year punishment. In the end, Nirman along with her parents walked to Dr. Santosh to seek apology for the wrongdoing. Dr. Santosh forgives her. He says he doesn't want the stealing of deserving students' research work so he did all what happened.

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Nov 10, 2021





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Ahuja Films

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