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The fervent affair of the Italian Gemma and the American photographer Diego will be put to the test by the insurmountable problem of infertility, as the couple's desperate desire to conceive will prompt them to make difficult choices. Now, sixteen years after the 1992 siege of Sarajevo, Gemma--after accepting her old friend Gojko's invitation--will return to the once war-torn city accompanied by her 16-year-old son, Pietro, only to unearth powerful memories and bottled-up emotions. But, there, decades after her perilous escape, Gemma is also in for a terrible and tragic revelation--one that will uncover the true horrors of war and the full extent of her loss.

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Release Date:

Dec 06, 2013


Italy, Spain


English, Italian, Bosnian

Production Companies:

Medusa Film, Alien Produzioni, Mod Producciones

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