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A sci fi retelling of the classic story Treasure Island. Young slacker Jim Hawkins is ever so eager for adventure but is stuck working as a busboy at his mother's restaurant. But his life finally has an adventurous twist when an old pirate gives him an ancient treasure map which leads to the legendary Treasure Planet. The planet is said to hold the loot left behind by the dreaded Captain Flint. Financed by his friend Dr. Doppler, Jim is off on adventure to seek out Treasure Planet aboard a massive spaceship. There, he meets a gallery of unusual characters such as the fierce Captain Amelia, a quirky shape shifting Morph as well as making friends with the ship's cook John Silver, who unknown to Jim is the mastermind behind a mutiny plot to claim the treasure for his own.

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Release Date:

Nov 27, 2002


United States



Production Companies:

Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

Gross worldwide:

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