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Lawyers in Adelaide, Lauren Ford and Ned Pelton have just gotten engaged. While on this same day indecisive and insecure Lauren has been promoted to full associate at Hampton and Associates by her demanding boss Ms. Hampton who Ned refers to as Cruella De Vil, Ned has not told Lauren in she accepting the marriage proposal that he, ill-equipped emotionally to handle the work, has quit his job as a public prosecutor, he arguably only going into the work to meet his now deceased father's expectations in following in his footsteps. In her focus on her own career especially with high maintenance Ms. Hampton, Lauren has never noticed Ned's dissatisfaction with his job. Within Ned's desire not to have a long engagement, Lauren wants to get married in ten days in her hometown of Darwin as she is able to negotiate the time off with Ms. Hampton. Upon Lauren and Ned's arrival in Darwin, they discover that six months ago her aborigine mother, Daffy Ford, left her father, Trevor Ford, for undisclosed reasons, her whereabouts unknown. With what little information they have on hand, Lauren and Ned leave teary-eyed Trevor in Darwin to lead the wedding planning as they try to find Daffy, Ned funneling his newfound energies into this task, those energies needed as Lauren, who really wants her mother at her wedding, is the one more apt to give up as they seemingly are going on a wild goose chase. As they trek through the expanses of Northern Australia, the leads point them in the direction of the Tiwi Islands, Daffy's homeland where she ran away from at age eighteen on what was to be her own wedding day to escape the arranged marriage - something she only ever talked about in veiled terms to Lauren - never to have returned. With this new information in the context of their situation, Lauren and Ned can't help but reflect on their own relationship in the count down to their own supposed wedding day.

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Release Date:

May 02, 2019




English, Aboriginal, French

Production Companies:

Screen Australia, The South Australian Film Corporation, Adelaide Film Festival

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Films Boutique

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