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Antonio, a divorced father, is a humble valet parking guy and is living with his mother, Cecilia. Antonio is sharing the custody of his teenage son with Isabel, his ex-wife. Parallel with this story, another story is developing. The story of actress Olivia Allan. Olivia is having an affair with Vincent Royce, a married billionaire. One night when Olivia is with Vincent, Antonio has an accident nearby and the three of them are ending up photographed together. This incident is instigating rumors of Olivia and Vincent's affair. Vincent now fears he will lose his company if his wife Kathryn divorces him. So Vincent comes up with a plan to have Olivia (the actress) and Antonio (the valet) pretend to be a couple. And Vincent is sure this will get him out of this predicament.

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Release Date:

May 20, 2022


United States


English, Spanish, Korean, Latin

Production Companies:

3Pas Studios, Pantelion Films
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