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In post-Civil War Texas, the Zachary and Rawlins families are intrinsically tied together. Ben Zachary, the head of the family following the death of his father, Will Zachary, in Ben being the oldest son, and patriarch Zeb Rawlins are partners in a cattle ranching operation. Zeb's unassuming son Charlie Rawlins would like to court Ben's younger sister, adopted Rachel Zachary - something that doesn't quite sit well with Ben in he believing Charlie not worthy of Rachel - while Zeb's daughter Georgia Rawlins would be happy with any of the Zachary brothers, although she has her sights set on middle son Cash Zachary. Their world is upset with the arrival of an older man brandishing a saber. It is not the saber which is concerning, but rather the story that he is spreading: that Rachel is of Indian heritage, most specifically Kiowa. Regardless of the truth, which matriarch Mattilda Zachary knows, this story places a strain on the community who don't want a "dirty Injun" in their midst, threatens all the relationships between the Zacharys and Rawlins, and causes a division within the Zachary family, as the Zacharys try to protect themselves and their property against those who don't want Rachel there, including the Kiowa who want Rachel, one of their own, back.

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Release Date:

Apr 06, 1960


United States



Production Companies:

Hecht-Hill-Lancaster Productions, James Productions
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