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Vicente begins a new day in good spirits, with his work as a street art tour guide in one of the "coolest" London areas. The job is below his education level, his mother says, but Vicente faces the task with excitement. A tour guide living only on tips implies submission and sympathy and Vicente is quite a good .it for this profile. But the pressure accumulated with debts with his landlord, the fact that he is sharing a bed with a roommate, the approaching trip of his girlfriend and his frustrating career take him to a cliff edge. During the television program interviews and through the Skypes with his mother and girlfriend, he seems measured and controlled. But, Vicente begins to realize the precariousness of his situation. In parallel, Vicente is chosen to be part of a British television programme, the camera follows him during a terrible day of work, where everything goes from bad to worse. He will run away from gangs, he will be faced with incredulity, vandalism and the intrigues of his tourist group, who will eventually dessert him. With the final offense from one of the tourists, Vicente will be unable to take anymore; he will explode in front of the camera and will try to kill this person.

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Mar 21, 2019




Spanish, English

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Producciones Transatlánticas
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