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On December 16, India became the headline on all the recognized International newspapers and bulletins, for her daughter Jyoti Singh. Jyoti (age 23) was brutally beaten and gang-raped and finally died. The media attention and the public discourse reached a crescendo around this horrific event. Well, it was not a one-off case of sexual violence, but it did circulate the term 'rape-culture' in the public discourse. Everyone was talking about Rape and sexual misbehaviors, even my 11 years old son. Only few days back he attended the maturation curriculum here in the US, the curriculum which is almost nonexistent in India. The teachers asked me whether we have such awareness programs in Indian schools too. I said "No" and fumbled. Here begins my journey/story. I fumbled and came to a halt, because the whole history of a hypocritical society unfolded in front of my eyes. For nearly the last 3,000 years, India had been depicting and revealing the secrets of the human body and eroticism, either in the form of love or worship. The temples are the places where extraordinary artistic sculptures of sex and foreplay are on an open display. In fact,even today, every Hindu worships the phallus openly. But no one is ready to talk about this. How frequent is rape in India? - A question being asked to Prof. Amartya Sen (Nobel Laureate in Economics, Prof. at Harvard). "he says: High frequency of rape may not be the real issue in India, but all the evidence suggests that India has a huge problem in seriously monitoring rape and taking steps to reduce it." The primary objective of this documentary, however, is not to delve into such statistical analysis, rather probe into the intersection of value and belief system of India that governs the mind with respect to respectable, or otherwise, acts of sex. Also, the question of how a rape victim is being treated, in terms of legal procedures as well as societal rehabilitation- constitute another focus area of our documentation. How much the Sanskritic notion of purity and pollution affects our attitude towards sex? What is construction of female body, what is the notion of wealth around the body? In what sense does patriarchy 'own' a female body and exercise a power to subsume female sexuality?. Why is it so that the country which had a history of liberal views towards sexuality, does not allow sex-education in its school curriculum at present days? Why is it so that in a country where a significant section of the people worships phallus-vagina-conjugation, barley shows the minimum respect to female body, let alone to the female genitalia. Let's talk about all these in The Third-Breast. Let 's question the current sexual crisis and the so-called neuroses behind the much talked about Rape Culture and sexual violence in India, and investigate the psyche of the collective Indian mind that even is not ready to impart sex-education.

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Dec 30, 2017


United States, India



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Chhayabajee Motion Pickchars

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