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Soon as the mold clears up in city hall, attendance for town meetings should pick right up again, not that it ever warranted a second hand to count. The mayor (Daniel Alan Kiely, Bong of the Living Dead) puts on a happy face anyhow, welcoming four familiar faces for another night of parking complaints and not much else. Until only-mechanic-in-the-county Bernie (Morgan McLeod, The Thing About Beecher's Gate) raises his hand and asks if they're going to talk about the things with the glowing green eyes. To the mayor's mounting horror and eventual frustration, all of the attending citizenry have stories about this supernatural menace. No solutions, though. The sheriff (Daniel Allen) shot at them. Gail (Catherine Csanyi) slept until they went away. Even Trudy (Jenson Strock, The Childish Thing) saw them and she was only visiting. If there's one thing for certain - and there aren't many with this crowd - it's that these things aren't going anywhere. So. Y'know. Somebody should really stop those things.

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Oct 27, 2019


United States



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Dangerous Days Productions

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