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At Sweden's ICEHOTEL, two Canadian artists have been working hard - to honour their cat. Sonia Chow and Huschang Pourian have made their cat into a mesmerizing vision in ice and snow. Sonia Chow and Huschang Pourian are no strangers to the conditions in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. This year marks their second time working very quickly in the cold to create one of the ice-based rooms at the town's hotel. There are very few hours of daylight in a 24-hour cycle, and the temperature is often punishing. But it's a good test of their artistic mettle - and the strength of their relationship - as they manipulate the snow and chisel the ice to create a vision based on observing the actions of their own cat at home. In this video made by filmmakers Mattias Löw and Reshma Mansuri Löw, go inside the ICEHOTEL as it's being installed. The hotel selects artists from around the world each year to create rooms at the site (that's north of the Arctic Circle). The results are a bit of a wintry miracle - and if you have the means and act fast, you may just be able to stay in one of them.

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Mar 01, 2019


Canada, Sweden



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Freedom From Choice

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CBC Arts
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