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Rember Yahuarcani is an indigenous from the Uitoto Nation who lives in Lima. From his lineage, the White Heron, only two families survive in Peru. Rember is an artist and paints inspired by the myths and stories his grandmother Martha used to tell him before she died. Martha is the voice that guides him all the time. When Rember finds himself blocked in his art, travels back to the Amazonian community of Pebas to visit his family. His father, also a painter, and his mother, a sculptor, try to help him finding ways to continue creating. For Rember's parents, knowing where they come from is the reason why they are still surviving as a nation, even though they almost extinguished during the rubber boom period. Rember is unwilling to confront this dark part of History in his paintings. Grandmother Martha is a survivor of these horror times and, in dreams, she encourages him to travel to La Chorrera, in Colombia, the original land of the Uitoto Nation. In La Chorrera Rember confronts the past and meets other members of his lineage. He also understands why their stories cannot be forgotten.

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Release Date:

Apr 09, 2021




Spanish, Aboriginal

Production Companies:

Jacalito Films, La Mula Producciones

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