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The rumor about the proximity of sharks alerts residents of a small fishing village, shortly before the arrival of summer vacationers on the beaches. Meanwhile 14-year-old Rosina ticks away the days of a restless summer in her sleepy beach-side town. It is in this context that she evolves, and awakens to sexuality and seems determined to experiment her emotions and to risk taking action by provoking Joselo, a young village fisherman and her coworker at her summer job. Unperturbed by the panic, she shifts her focus to her job and her enigmatic coworker, who ignites in her an odd, conflicted attraction she hasn't quite reckoned with before. When his affections start to wane-and with the shark still circling in her thoughts-she resolves not to be easily dismissed.

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Release Date:

Jun 06, 2019


Uruguay, Argentina, Spain



Production Companies:

Montelona Cine, Nephilim Producciones, Trapecio Cine

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