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The Rocker tells the story of a failed drummer who is given a second chance at fame. Robert "Fish" Fishman is the extremely dedicated and astoundingly passionate drummer for the eighties hair band Vesuvius, who is living the rock n' roll dream until he is unceremoniously kicked out of the band. Twenty years after his rock star fantasies are destroyed, just when Fish has finally given up all hope, he hears that his nephew's high school rock band A.D.D. is looking for a new drummer. They reluctantly make him the newest member of the band, giving him a chance to reclaim the rock god throne he always thought he deserved, and taking the young band along for the ride of their lives.

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Release Date:

Aug 20, 2008


United States



Production Companies:

Fox Atomic, 21 Laps Entertainment, Rocan Productions

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Official Site

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