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Who can you trust most to deliver the up-to-date pandemic news you care about most? Why it's The Quarantine Crew, of course. Disheartened by a stalled acting career due to a seemingly never-ending pandemic, one desperate Hollywood nobody creates a news program out of his LA Apartment. His name is Shelley Worphen-Poodle, and with the help of his roommates Tim and Tom, their little news shows becomes one of the most successful news shows on the Internet. But, as isolation begins to take its toll on the Crew, jealousy and desperation leads to a rift among friends, and Shelley is left to make the show alone. On the brink of insanity, and with the show falling apart, Shelley desperately tries to get his friends back, even if it means losing his news program for good to Jack, his arch-nemesis from the rival news network, Bunker 203.

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Release Date:

May 01, 2021


United States



Production Companies:

Cinema 47
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