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The Psychologist full movie is released on Apr 01, 2022. Watch The Psychologist online - the English Action movie from Ukraine. The Psychologist is directed by Anton Kurza and created by Anton Kurza with Dmytro Gordon and Anton Kurza. The Psychologist is available online on Amazon Video and Amazon Video.

The film is set in its own universe, where the world is divided between the "healthy" and the "ill". People who are different in their behavior, expressions and worldview are automatically considered "ill" and are being forcefully isolated from society and treated by psychiatrists-priests. In the center of the story is a young man who has just graduated and is starting his career as a psychologist. Though in reality, the young psychologist isn't a doctor, but a patient who escaped from the supervision of his psychiatrist. The psychiatrist eventually finds his fugitive patient, but an adherent of a mysterious cult has already approached our protagonist. Taking advantage of his condition, the cultist stirs up the unhealthy imagination of the Psychologist further. The adherent assures the Psychologist that it is not he who is ill, but the world around him, and that only he, the greatest psychologist of all time will be able to "cure" everyone. The Psychologist, endowed with natural eloquence and charisma, spreads the ideas of the mysterious cult like a virus among random people, which leads to instability in the city, and the psychiatrist is constantly trying to return his patient back on the path of treatment. Which side are you going to root for?

As know as:

Психолог, The Psychologist


Ukraine, United States


English, Russian

Production Companies:

Masters of the Park

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