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Centuries ago in Ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Seti (Sir Patrick Stewart) ordered all the male Hebrew babies to be executed. A desperate mother decides to let God guide her newborn son instead of execution. Found by the Queen (Dame Helen Mirren), the baby is named Moses and brought up as a Prince of Egypt and a brother to the Pharaoh's son Rameses II. As time passes, the two brothers are separated as Moses (Val Kilmer) discovers his true heritage as a Hebrew and defies the Egyptian way of life. After escaping from the city, Moses finds that he is called by God to lead his people out of Egypt as His messenger. Unfortunately, Rameses II (Ralph Fiennes) now rules over the Hebrews with an iron fist, and it will take all of Moses' strength and God's miracles to change the world.

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Release Date:

Dec 18, 1998


United States


English, Hebrew

Production Companies:

DreamWorks Animation, Dreamworks Pictures

Gross worldwide: