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'The Prey' focuses on the on-going Gender-Based violence happening not only within our boarders, but around the world; and the poor justice system that drives the protagonist to take the law into her own hands. It is a film about power, intelligence and making sure that 'justice is served'. The film is led by our vigilante protagonist, a powerful woman who risks her life in order to save the lives of women and avenge those who have fallen. The hard-hitting Dramatic Thriller aims on depicting heightened real life scenarios representing situations many women were forcibly entrapped in. Our film follows the themes of vengeance with the overarching theme of "A taste of your own medicine is often bitter." With inspiration drawn from award-winning films such as David Fincher's Gone Girl and Olivier Megaton's Columbiana in their displaying of powerful female protagonists.

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Nov 29, 2021


South Africa



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AFDA Film School

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