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In a city park, Surly the Squirrel has finally gone too far with his latest caper . Now exiled, Surly and his rat buddy Buddy's collective nightmare on the streets ends when they discover a nut store to raid. With no other options, she arranges a deal to help in Surly's heist for the colony, even while Surly fully intends to betray it. However, there is more going on with the nut store being a front for bank robbers while Raccoon has his own agenda to ensure his own power. In the mayhem to come, Surly finds himself challenged in ways he never expected and discovering the real prize to treasure in this adventure.

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Release Date:

Jan 17, 2014


Canada, South Korea, United States


Dutch, English

Production Companies:

Endgame Entertainment, Gulfstream Pictures, Open Road Films (II)

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Official site (Japan)

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