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Convinced she embodies the spirit of benevolent deity Ba Yan, Nim, a local healer and devoted shamaness, catches the attention of a small documentary crew. Committed to exploring indigenous religions and their spiritual practice, the team sets off on a trip to Nim's remote mountainous village in Thailand's Isan region to record her day-to-day life and, hopefully, provide explanation and proof of the unseen. When Nim's niece Mink starts manifesting intangible signs of divine awakening, Nim believes that the young woman is about to become the goddess' new conduit and inherit the challenging role of the medium. However, instead of receiving the divine touch, Mink's mental health rapidly deteriorates, and strange, hair-raising incidents shake the close-knit community's belief. Is something evil plunging Mink deeper and deeper into the dark realm of possession?

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Release Date:

Jul 14, 2021


Thailand, South Korea



Production Companies:

GDH 559, Showbox Entertainment, Jorkwang Films

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