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THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE KOREAN PRESIDENT AND THE RIGHT-HAND MAN WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER It is 1979, and South Korea has been under the absolute domination of President Park's dictatorship for 18 long years. Kim Gyu-pyeong, the director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, has asserted his loyalty to the president despite having his doubts about the leader's intentions. When the former director of the KCIA flees to America with a time-bomb of government secrets, Kim is sent on a mission to stop the truth in its tracks. But as the government's web of lies continues to be spun, tensions build, alliances crumble, and the once impenetrable leadership must face the fact that all men, no matter how powerful, must die.

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Release Date:

Jan 24, 2020


South Korea


Korean, English, French, Japanese

Production Companies:

Gemstone Pictures, Hive Media

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Official site (Japan)

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