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4217. Uncharted Space, Far side of the Milky Way. Maximus Mercurio, assassin, wakes up in a ship of the dead plunging to a horrific implosion. Winteround Sole, a psychic archaeologist, wanders desolate ruins seeing visions of destruction. Lisa Sulla, a brilliant super-spy is resurrected into a new close body after a thousand years by Mad AI Overlords. Vincent Leavel, Sagamore Salvatore, and Millin Quinoa, mercenary smugglers, are called on a secret mission deep across space to distant Outworlds. Vega Ossa, fleet commander goes rogue moving his fleet to a mysterious world of ancient aliens. Meanwhile, crossing a dimensional void, psychic parasites are moving ever closer to the Milky Way galaxy in a demonic swarm. Entering the minds of their victims, producing surreal illusions of horror, disabling and eventually killing them in a frenzied feeding on fear.

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Release Date:

Jun 21, 2023


United Kingdom, Canada, United States



Production Companies:

Olas Hayes Productions

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Official Book Website
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