The Lottery (also know as Chumbak) full movie is released on Jul 27, 2018. Watch The Lottery online - the Marathi Drama movie from India. The Lottery is directed by Sandeep Modi and created by Saurabh Bhave with Samir Chandra and Sangram Desai.

Chumbak is a coming-of-age story of a 15year old table-cleaning-waiter-boy Baalu and his chance encounter with a 45 year old mentally slow man Prasanna that forces him to make a choice between his dreams and morality. Baalu dreams of escaping this wretched life with a small little business of his own, to open his own little sugarcane juice stall near his village's public Bus-Stand. Broke and desperate, he along with his friend make a plan to get the money - the infamous 'Nigerian SMS Scam'. But of the hundreds expected to respond to the text messages, no one but one man falls for it. As the boys land up to meet him they realise that this man is actually a 45year old mentally slow man - Prasanna. Caught between his conscience and ambitions, like two ends of a magnet that pulls him towards it, Baalu will now have to make a choice. Chumbak is the story of these two oddballs and their choices that shall shape their life.

As know as:

Chumbak, Chumbak, The Lottery





Production Companies:

Cape of Good Films, Katha Company, Kyra Kumar Kreations

Cast & Crew

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