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Munseong is a father who has supported his family by living alone and abroad for 15 years, as he struggles to recover from his failure in business. His son Dojin suddenly drops out of school and comes back home to introduce his fiancée. Disappointed that his son has betrayed his expectations, and having learned that his father, who was falsely charged for espionage, has finally been proved innocent, Munseong returns to his hometown of Gunsan to find his estranged father lying in a vegetative state and taken care of by a stranger named Eunhye. He feels uncomfortable with Gunsan and everyone around him except for his family. He has to accept that everything has changed. Lim Tae-gue, who won the Grand Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival with The Seeds of Violence (2017), engraved the scars of history among landscapes worn out by time.

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Release Date:

May 05, 2018


South Korea



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Jeonju International Film Festival
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