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Technically gifted Andrew Briggman joins the US troops in Afghanistan. After his incompetent sergeant pays for arrogance by being blown to pieces by a booby-trap, seasoned veteran sergeant Deeks is flown in by helicopter to take charge and shape them into a lean, mean fighting machine. Deeks is soon respected, feared yet popular, but also plays ambitious boys against each-other, especially for promotion, which Briggman wins, albeit Phyrric. Even in grim war, Andrew sticks to his conscience, which is seen as fatal weakness, so he gets sidetracked as 'tank commander' left with the armored vehicle wile the others terrorize all Afghans, even hurting innocent villagers. It gets worse after Deeks tests Andrew's unwillingness to resort to illegal torture, and a 'sub-standard' comrade is beaten up in his bunk. He probes only his father William Briggman about informing the authorities, but may be overheard and someone beats him to it.

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Release Date:

Oct 25, 2019


United Kingdom, Spain, United States



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Cornerstone Films, Nostromo Pictures, Temple Hill Entertainment

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