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After getting his girlfriend pregnant and moving in with her against his parents' wishes, Abe's life falls to pieces. Their son is born with cancer of the eyes, he loses his job, his insurance, and his faith in God. At wits end about how to help his family, he decides to break into the home of Lance "The Dance", the former light-heavyweight champ of the world. Lance was flashy, flamboyant and filthy rich before killing a man in the ring and spiraling out of control. Lance also loses everything after turning to alcohol and sleeping pills to cope with taking a man's life. Even his wife has filed for divorce because Lance is no longer the man she married. Vowing never to be violent again, Lance gives his life to Christ, but ends up in a position that could, potentially, be the toughest fight of his life...saving Abes.

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Release Date:

Jun 01, 2021


United States



Production Companies:

Fallen Giant Films, Job's House Productions

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