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Ever since its successful resolution of the David Brown case a year ago, Sherlock the AI has been going from strength to strength. Dubbed 'The Intextigator' on social media, the Toronto Police Service's clever chatbot is about to face its litmus test. The local Art Gallery's prized painting has just been stolen and detective Leah Strade is already on the case. With relatively low stakes, the Toronto police tasks Sherlock to investigate the art heist independently in a unique experiment. Leah and Sherlock peruse over the colorful art pieces and the even more vibrant staff of the gallery in an attempt to recover the painting. The former relies on her senses and conventional police work, while the AI has its distinct approach, which is indifferent to the aesthetics of the setting. Will their different paths lead them to the same conclusions ? Can there be space for both approaches after all ?

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Release Date:

Jan 30, 2022





Production Companies:

Paradiso Cinemas, Pixlan Entertainment