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A hospital on the brink of disaster, enlists a transformational team who works to resolve a culture of fear, physician burnout, and impending financial ruin by guiding them to becoming a leader in rural American health care. The Hospital Cure is a documentary about a system of rural hospitals and clinics that gains unprecedented access to uncover the problems that plague the American rural health care system. While the industry nationwide shifts from sick care to preventive medicine, many hospitals continue to face nurse burnout, communication issues, and inefficient procedures. Filmed over the course of a year, this documentary follows the efforts of a newly appointed CEO and the team she's enlisted to create a transformational shift in their culture and organization. Rare in-depth interviews from staff in all department levels from administration, doctors and nurses, and even housekeeping uncover the pervasive issues of fear and distrust that paralyze the entire organization. Using an unorthodox approach, the entire staff is lead through a transformational program to release fear, anger, and resentment, which are then replaced by each individual's purpose and passion. This dynamic turnaround begins to cultivate a new culture of collaboration and health care innovation that leads them towards becoming a leader in rural health care. The Hospital Cure does more than simply point out problems in health care, it demonstrates viable solutions and lays out a roadmap towards fixing them. It's a film about how one small rural hospital can make a difference in their community while leading the way for hospitals nationwide to follow.

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Release Date:

Feb 18, 2020


United States



Production Companies:

Shining Light Pictures
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