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An anthology of 7 short movies about adults thinking back to decisive moments in their pasts/childhoods: A Walk In Winter: A preteen boy returns as an adult to a wood where the remains of a body is found that may be his mom or dad. Guests: A preteen boy moves with his mom and seriously ill dad from Chicago to a small town in New Mexico, where he's bullied from day one at school. Almost Not Beautiful: Two sisters, one a drunk, meet as adults, looking back at their childhood. Miss Famous: A woman cleaning homes and living in a trailer park with her daughter, fantasizes about writing a novel and becoming famous. Lacunae: A son visits his parents after his dad's had a stroke. They bring up his ex, Laura, who has a son - his? He sees her. Smoke: 3 teenage boys, locked out of the VW in the wilderness, sit and talk into the night about sex before hitchhiking back to town. The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards: A young man takes a detour on his way back home from college to a party with plenty of booze and drugs.

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Release Date:

Oct 27, 2017


United States



Production Companies:

Elysium Bandini Studios
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