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Shaun MacArthur is a young, aspiring romance novelist with a burning desire to create an original narrative despite his lack of life experience. His unrealistic expectations to both impress his mother and revitalize her writing career begins when he finds his absent father's binoculars and goes to the local woodland area over-looking a swing park. By curious happenstance, he notices a rebellious school-girl, of a similar age, smoking a cigarette which inspires his initial idea for what he believes will be his masterpiece breakthrough novel. Shaun's obsession with perfection coupled with sleep deprivation and an unhealthy enthusiasm for stalking the aforementioned school-girl causes his psychological state to progressively deteriorate. To make matters worse and increasingly more intense, Shaun's mother, after years of sobriety, starts drinking again compromising their once fruitful relationship. A considerable amount of verbal abuse and torment ensues causing Shaun to lose his grip of reality. Unsure of how to finish his story, he confronts the school-girl that he has been secretly watching. Aided by the discovery of a red ballroom dance dress that he finds in his mother's wardrobe, Shaun writes what he believes to be the perfect ending for his story.

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Release Date:

Oct 31, 2021


United Kingdom



Production Companies:

Fulfilment Pictures
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