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Chotu (Hero) is a gangster handling settlements in the local vegetable market. Madhu (Heroine) works in a software job. When, her company's HR sta'rts to engage in sexual harassment, she approaches Chotu for help. He solves her problem, and the two fall in love soon after. One day, Madhu decides to surprise Chotu with tickets to "The Ghost Resort". lt's a specially horror themed resort designed to thrill visitors. Even the way they hand out tickets and welcome their guests in horrifying. The whole place is designed similar to a cemetery setup. The staff are all dressed in demonic attires. The customers and the staff have a jolly.time scaring each other. Along with Chotu and Madhu, there are the lovers, Balu and Swapna, the movie technicians, Satish, Vinod and Maggi, the family of Gopal, Supriya and their 3 children, and the old couple Vishwanathan and Sujathamma, making a total of 5 groups as customers to the resort.

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Release Date:

Jan 20, 2021





Production Companies:

Shubodaya Productions
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