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THE FEARLESS TWO (2019) is the sequel to the martial arts film The Fearless One (2017). This feature continues the events from the first film as Cody (Alonzo Herran Jr.), and Kimberly are now trying to build a productive life together. Their happy union appears to be rocky as they fail to strike a balance between work life and home life. Samaad (the former number one to Jay), and the Crew decided to revive the brutal underground fighting contests using to their advantage what was left of the Last Dragon drug that Jay would take to enhance his physical strength. Samaad and his Crew want Cody back in the underground fights as a top drawing card to score a huge payday for them. Plans and goals begin to crash around Cody, Kimberly, Samaad and his Crew when a shadowy figure shows up with sinister plans to destroy them all.

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Release Date:

Oct 24, 2019


United States



Production Companies:

Royal Family Entertainment, HallMills Network
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